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Welcome to Fundabanda

The 1st Bandfunding site for musicians

Fundabanda is a disruptive platform that puts the power back into the creative hands of musicians. Now, you (the artist) can own your music, make 90% profit from the sale of your music & merchandise and get paid instantly after every donation.
We are now in the age of the online entrepreneurial artist, where musicians are seeking a dedicated stream of residual income in order to focus on improving their talent, performing their music and growing their careers.
Sign up, create a campaign, upload your contacts and let the promotion begin. Our built-in email service sends out the right message to your fans, at the right time. Then, offer them your newest, unreleased music, videos and merchandise through a powerful new feature called the "Backstage Pass."
Let your fans subscribe to your "Backstage Pass" and receive ongoing monthly donations from the people that love you and your music. This means earning more money doing what you love doing best... Making music !